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Public Sector - Schools

In Scotland, Curriculum for Excellence has a cross cutting strand of health and wellbeing. Secondary teachers can benefit from a two day training course designed to give them the skills to deliver the HUMAN MOT to pupils leaving the school. Build it into a whole school approach providing young people leaving education with the knowledge they need to maintain physical health and mental wellbeing.
The HUMAN MOT booklet will guide each pupil through the workings of their own vehicle for life, raising awareness of simple lifestyles practices that nurture and protect health. Involving emotion literacy and creativity, this booklet will serve to help teaching staff deliver across the curriculum strands linking findings with the desire to succeed and flourish.
This booklet will serve as a resource for pupils taking the SQA Wellbeing Award GF09 43, GF2N or GF2P.
[SaluVida is currently seeking validation for the resource from the SQA.]
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