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The Human MOT(*)

(* In the UK an MOT is a series of roadworthiness tests required by law for vehicles. The Human MOT applies the same principles to the human body)
Nurse providing one-to-one The Human MOT is SaluVida's signature training course, providing excellent value for individuals, groups and organisations looking to improve overall health and well-being.
It leads individuals on a journey of discovery about their own physical health and mental well-being in a safe, creative, supportive environment. Each individual receives a Human MOT booklet to track his/her own progress, taking responsibility for making small lifestyle changes.
The Human MOT courses SaluVida comprise:
Jermaine Allison-McCracken launches NHS Highland version of the '5-Minute MOT' in Inverness ITV News
MOT inspires discussion The Human MOT incorporated into the culture of your organisation will not only provide excellent cost benefits on your investment, but will deliver on your corporate social responsibility.
This applies to any workplace but is particularly useful for primary care settings, schools or small companies that need to be adaptable or creative to stay in business.
For training the voluntary sector, carers or foster parents SaluVida can adapt the MOT into an experiential and interactive training day.
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